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me and stuff

ayee i'm devi, i live in bangkok and i like food.
(☼) online - ( ) mobile - ( ) queue/sleeping
in a relatitionship eeheheh
i'm kooler than koolaid for suresies
i put the hot in psychotic

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Suicide Prevention Substance Abuse Awareness Religious Tolerance
ALLY Equal Rights No Hate
Heart Disease Awareness Eating Disorder Awareness Breast Cancer Awareness
Animal Abuse Awareness Diabetes Awareness AIDS/HIV Awareness
Self-harm Awareness Butterfly Project Anxiety Disorder Awareness

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☼ patrick rivera ☼ leo dicaprio ☼ ed westwick ☼ andrew garfield ☼ brandon urie ☼ scott michael foster ☼ zac efron ☼ dave franco ☼ channing tatum ☼ hoodie allen ☼ ☼ panic at the disco ☼ red hot chili peppers ☼ oar ☼ imagine dragons ☼ timeflies ☼ we the kings ☼ neon trees ☼ fall out boy ☼ this wild life ☼ bastille ☼ green day ☼ small pools ☼ the fray ☼ of monsters and men ☼ florence and the machine ☼ one republic ☼ first aid kit ☼

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No Hate
Pokéball Pizza Ohana
Bookworm Veghead United States